Martin Mihaljevič, EGG leader, Professor (, Interests: Biogeochemical cycles of metals and nutrients, Plant-soil interactions, Isotope geochemistry (Pb, Cu, Tl), Tracing of anthropogenic contamination, Analytical geochemistry (ICP-MS, MC-ICP-MS). ORCID

Vojtěch Ettler, Professor (, Interests: Environmental assessment, mineralogy and geochemistry of industrial wastes (leaching tests, modelling), Anthropogenic contamination of soils, sediments and water, Applications of metal isotopes. ORCID

Petr Drahota, Associate Professor (, Interests: Cycling of arsenic and other trace elements in soils and watersheds, Mining waste materials, Speciation of contaminants in the environment, Thermodynamic modelling. ORCID

Ladislav Strnad, Associate Professor (, Interests: Application of spectroscopic techniques in analytical geosciences (LA-ICP-MS). ORCID

Jakub Trubač, Research Assistant (, Interests: Applications of stable and non-traditional isotopes in geosciences, Head of the Center for stable and radiogenic isotopes (IRMS, MC-ICP-MS). ORCID

Maria Vaňková, Researcher/Research technician, (, Interests: Mercury cycling in the environmental systems, non-traditional isotopes, soil contamination. ORCID

Laboratory staff: Marie Fayadová, Lenka Vondrovicová, Věra Vonásková, Lenka Jílková

Our new PhD students starting from 2023: Petr Fleissig, Martin Lichovník

Our past and current post-docs and PhD students: Alice JarošíkováRafael BaietaMagdaléna PeřestáMarek Tuhý, Petra VenhauerováAlda Vieira