Mineralogy of smelter- and mining-derived particulates affects contaminant mobility in soils

Mobility of metal(loid)s in soils is strongly affected by their binding to solids. We studied smelter- and mining-derived particulates with high levels of metals and metalloids (As, Sb) and their stability in soils from dry semi-arid and wet subtropical areas in Africa. Ettler V., Johan Z., Kříbek B., Veselovský F., Mihaljevič M., Vaněk A., Penížek V., Majer V., Sracek O., Mapani B., Kamona F., Nyambe I. (2016): Composition and fate of mine- and smelter-derived particles in soils of humid subtropical and hot semi-arid areas. Science of the Total Environment 563-564, 329-339. (DOI)