Special issue of Applied Geochemistry on Environmental impacts of mining and smelting

We have co-edited a special issue of Applied Geochemistry devoted to Environmental impacts of mining and smelting. Some of our research has also been published in the frame of this special issue: (i) Kříbek B., Majer V., Knésl I., Keder J., Mapani B., Kamona F., Mihaljevič M., Ettler V., Penížek V., Vaněk A., Sracek O. (2016): Contamination of soil and grass in the Tsumeb smelter area, Namibia: Modeling of contaminants dispersion and ground geochemical verification. Applied Geochemistry 64, 75-91. (DOI), (ii) Ettler V., Kvapil J., Šebek O., Johan Z., Mihaljevič M., Ratié G., Garnier J., Quantin C., (2016): Leaching behaviour of slag and fly ash from laterite nickel ore smelting (Niquelandia, Brazil). Applied Geochemistry 64, 118-127. (DOI), (iii) Ratié G., Quantin C., Jouvin D., Calmels D., Ettler V., Sivry Y, Vieira L.C., Ponzevera, E., Garnier J. (2016): Nickel isotope fractionation during laterite Ni ore smelting and refining: Implications for tracing the sources of Ni in smelter-affected soils. Applied Geochemistry 64, 136-145. (DOI).