The Environmental Geochemistry Group is part of the OP JAK project „Geohazards“

EGG is actively involved in the objective of the OP JAK project (Natural and anthropogenic georisks; project number: CZ.02.01.01/00/22_008/0004605). Within Work Package 5 (Geochemical risks and contaminations), our researchers will delve into following areas:

  • Examination of pollutant behavior in soils;
  • Analysis of mining and metallurgical wastes, particularly concerning their toxic properties and potentially significant economic elements;
  • Study of substance behaviors during natural fires.

The researchers contributing to this project include: Martin Mihaljevič, Vojtěch Ettler, Petr Drahota, Maria Vaňková, Filip Košek, Adam Culka, Marek Tuhý, Petr Fleissig, and Martin Lichovník. EGG is set to collaborate closely with the Czech University of Life Sciences (Department of Pedology and Soil Protection) and Masaryk University (Recetox). As part of our initiative, the project aims to enhance the infrastructure and laboratories, particularly focusing on ICP MS, XRD, and Raman spectrometry.