The Environmental Geochemistry Group is part of the OP JAK project „Geohazards“

EGG is actively involved in the objective of the OP JAK project (Natural and anthropogenic georisks; project number: CZ.02.01.01/00/22_008/0004605). Within Work Package 5 (Geochemical risks and contaminations), our researchers will delve into following areas:

  • Examination of pollutant behavior in soils;
  • Analysis of mining and metallurgical wastes, particularly concerning their toxic properties and potentially significant economic elements;
  • Study of substance behaviors during natural fires.

The researchers contributing to this project include: Martin Mihaljevič, Vojtěch Ettler, Petr Drahota, Maria Vaňková, Filip Košek, Adam Culka, Marek Tuhý, Petr Fleissig, and Martin Lichovník. EGG is set to collaborate closely with the Czech University of Life Sciences (Department of Pedology and Soil Protection) and Masaryk University (Recetox). As part of our initiative, the project aims to enhance the infrastructure and laboratories, particularly focusing on ICP MS, XRD, and Raman spectrometry.

Welcome to our new PhD students

Our new PhD students have just joined EGG. Petr Fleissig (left) will work on silver isotopes and Martin Lichovník (right) on speciation, extraction, and potential recovery of valuable metals from wastes. Welcome!

Marek Tuhý joined CSIRO

Marek Tuhý became a visiting postdoctoral scientist in the National Bushfire Behaviour Research Laboratory, Land & Water Division, CSIRO. Thanks to his postdoctoral fellowship project from the Czech Science Foundation, he will spend 2 years in Canberra, Australia, working on the experiments simulating the effect of wildfires on remobilization and transformations of metal(loid)s.

Alda Vieira successfully completed PhD

On Tuesday September 19, 2023, Alda M. D. Vieira successfully completed her PhD thesis entitled “Mercury dynamics in soil systems: A comprehensive study on natural and anthropogenic sources using elemental and isotopic analysis”. Congratulations, Alda, and good luck for your future job!
Alda with her supervisor, Dr. Maria Vaňková and referees, Drs. Barbora Doušová and Tomáš Navrátil.

Rafael Baieta completed his PhD

On December 14, 2022, Rafael Baieta successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “A study of the behavior of selected metals in affected environments using isotopic approach” completed under supervision of prof. Martin Mihaljevič. On the photo you find Rafael with the external reviewers Dr. Tomáš Navrátil (left) and Dr. Václav Tejnecký (right). Congratulations, Rafael!

Helena Jelenová and Magdaléna Peřestá defended their PhD

On Thursday 22nd September 2022, Helena Jelenová (née Kindlová) and Magdaléna Peřestá (née Knappová) successfully defended their PhD theses entitled “Arsenic speciation in mining wastes – case studies in systems dominated by ferric sulfo-arsenates” and “Speciation of arsenic under reducing conditions of organic-rich soil”, respectively. Both theses were supervised by Dr. Petr Drahota. On the photos you will see both ladies with their supervisor and reviewers Dr. Michal Filippi (Geological Institute of the CAS), Dr. Ľubomír Jurkovič (Comenius University, Bratislava), Prof. Edgar Hiller (Comenius University, Bratislava) and Dr. Barbora Doušová (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague). It was a successful ARSENIC DAY. Congratulations!

Marek Tuhý successfully defended his PhD thesis

On Thursday 30th September 2021, Marek Tuhý successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Wildfires in polluted areas: mineralogical transformations and remobilization of metal(loid)s“. The thesis was supervised by prof. Vojtěch Ettler and reviewed by Dr. Isabel Campos (University of Aveiro, Portugal) and Dr. Tomáš Navrátil (Institute of Geology, CAS). Congratulations!

New book on Metallurgical Slags

A new book entitled Metallurgical Slags: Environmental Geochemistry and Resource Potential edited by Nadine M. Piatak (USGS) and Vojtěch Ettler has been published by the prestigious publishing house, the Royal Society of Chemistry (link). Vojtech Ettler (co-) authored four of nine chapters in the book: Introduction: Metallurgical Slags – Environmental Liability or Valuable Resource? (DOI), Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Slags (DOI), Slag Leaching Properties and Release of Contaminants (DOI), and Environmental Impact of Slag Particulates (DOI).

Plenary talk at the 7th Slag Valorization Symposium

Vojtěch Ettler will give a plenary lecture entitled “The leaching behavior of smelting slags: from contaminants to critical metals” on the 7th International Slag Valorization Symposium (SVS7). The conference, originally planned to take place in Leuven, Belgium, will finally run in a virtual mode. SVS7 is a major event on characterization and applications of metallurgical slags and will bring together people from R&D sector and industry.